"Generating more than 30% of Australia's GDP and employing 28% of Australia's workforce, Property Developers and Investors are the "Slab" of the Australian economy"…seeing many experience unnecessary hurdles involved with the process to secure appropriate project funding, it was clear it needed an overhaul, so we rebuilt it...

For 18 years we have been creating solutions for people who invest in property on all levels. Starting from couples wanting a passive income, then found those just realising that they should have started investing 30 years ago, to teaching children the concepts of investing way before they could legally invest. We have been involved in those who have made it their career within their business models.

The solutions are always different but the one factor that determines the bulk of any strategy we create, is what is happening to the influencing factors of property’s performance at the time and where it is headed in the geographical areas involved.

Because of the ever changing nature of these factors, every strategy is built for a client from the ground up and although we plan for years in advance, they are revisited and adjusted every 6-12mths to cater for these changes.

Over time we found our client’s strategies becoming less focused on “Property” and more on getting the right people involved with setting up the right finance plan to maintain momentum in the growth of their portfolios. In other words, building a successful portfolio had very little to do with property, in fact, the more someone attempts to create a strategy apart from what is being demanded by the market, the further off the mark they will be. The most common mistake people make when developing or investing in property is buying or building what they like as opposed to what the market is buying or wants built.

Property is treated as the king, but finance is oxygen, and the more we began to realise this, the more options became available providing greater flexibility, so to compliment flexibility, we decided to talk to individuals with money who were more likely to provide more flexibility to those borrowing the money. Investors with money act as the bank to developers who wish to borrow without having to fit into bank criteria and with set limitations. Now the limitations are up to the investor  and  the developer. They create a trusting relationship the more success they have and in a 2 year period, they have a partner..not another application form to fill out.

COVID-19 brought “change” into many industries and the property industry was no exception. The sudden tightening of lending from major lenders saw them asking for more commitment from borrowers which left developers unable to settle on sites they had contracted prior to COVID-19. Property investors could not take full advantage of their cash levels due to serviceability being harder to attain, and having the cash sit in the bank is an “opportunity cost” to investors. One needed cash and could pay a good return, the other had the cash and needed a good return…this was the birth of our “peer to peer” lending model, the demand for it seemed to just grow and after 10 mths we have around $4.5m that has been introduced to Property Developers from Investors around Australia. The terms of the arrangement are only limited to the confidence the Investor has with the Developer. They decide on the terms that are going to suit each other, there are no set expectations, just 2 people with a common goal discussing how each can contribute to complete it…the way financial relationships should be.