Have you ever wanted 100% finance for your projects? Have you ever wanted your own funder, banker, just someone you can call on at any time to fund anything? Someone who knows you and your situation and judges accordingly? Well, now you can have one!

IHQ sources investors and other individuals with their own money (Not financial institutions) to fund those expenses and provide cash flow for property investors and developers. There is nobody in the middle to keep you both at arm’s length, you will communicate directly with the Investor as much or as little as you like. This direct communication gives confidence in the investor about you and makes it easier to establish an ongoing relationship with them. There are no default clauses in agreements or contracts, that is up to you and the Investor to agree on terms and conditions for the investment/loan. You will find a far more flexible and understanding source of funding which, unlike institutions, will learn about you and grow with you becoming a true financial partner and one whose motivation is to see you succeed, not makes sure there is enough security if you go under! After speaking to one of us at IHQ about the outcome you require, you will provide all the evidence and documentation to show where the project is up to. Then we work out how much we need and when we need it. An offer is created for the Investors and is sent out to the ones who we know are looking for opportunities like yours. Once we have enough interested Investors with the amount of cash you require, we may fine-tune some terms and conditions depending on whether the Investor(s) require them and a solicitor prepares the paperwork to make it all official. The loan is settled shortly after and the agreement is in place. Loans generally last between 6mths-12mths and depending on the Investor, some are happy with 1.5% p/mth anywhere up to 3% p/mth. LVRs range up to 110%, depending on the Investor and their confidence in you.