Feel like a walking enyclopedia on property strategies but still nothng quite works for you?

It’s because you’re probably ignoring the one person that knows what to do…


We offer high quality property investment knowledge based on years of experience and success.


At Investor HQ it is our mission to see Australians build wealth through property investing. Jeremy Allen has poured years of experience and knowledge into this helpful course, in order to guide students to reach their property investment goals.


IHQ University is your opportunity to create a property investment plan tailored to your circumstances. This course will expose you to a variety of new options and solutions that will assist you with the planning stages of your investment property strategy.

You will learn how to reach your financial goals through correct plan implementation and have a realistic outlook on your progress. IHQ University is a great source of information available to you easily online. It can be confusing and stressful trying to navigate the property investment market but through IHQ University you can find the right path to your goals.


Jeremy Allen’s mission is to help you learn through Investor HQ how to create your own customised plan for property investing using his knowledge and examples. You will know industry tricks to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Someone taught me the difference between “Knowing what I didn’t know” and “Not knowing what I didn’t know”. (Like being aware of something you never saw before then seeing it all the time). Jeremy will teach you what you’re missing out on.

  • You will get the tools I use and I have developed myself and how to use them.

  • You will get the right formula and apply it to your situation and have a complete game plan that will assist your journey in reaching your goals.

  • Jeremy will teach you what you’re missing out on.

I will share with you my years of knowledge and experience and if you follow the plan and don’t deviate from it you will see results.

My observation is that I would be encouraging a very bad habit if I gave advice. This is because, I see people that have negative results because they listen to somebody else’s advice. I won’t give you advice, you will learn how to work it out for yourself.

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