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The Great Investor Hype

I’m only going to give you the events that shaped who we are today. We’re a Motley Crew who all see themselves with a common purpose, to solve problems with property and money. And as I think about how we came together and what we’ve screwed up and achieved, all I can think about is Jagger on stage, 70yrs old in the sun, belting out “You can’t always get what you want…you get what you need.” We didn’t learn from videos or seminars … Im not sure whether that was a bout of arrogance when we were younger or not but in some way shape or form, we have all made it, lost it, made it again … I’m sure those videos and speakers don’t advise people to do some of the things we’ve done.

The Right And The Wrongs

Around 18 years ago when I started my first day at that Property Investment Firm, I knew I was home. Around 4 mths afterwards, like someone had just woken me up after 20 or so years, I had it all played out in my head exactly how I was going to deliver people’s futures to them…so with my newfound purpose in life, skipping down the street singing Disney songs, I was oblivious to how this industry teaches you…the next 3 years gave me the easiest success I have ever had, which was the problem.

I bought my first property which by chance happened to be big enough to develop, then by another fluke, my conveyancer happened to play squash with the senior town planner at council…it gets better, I then split the block in 2, and sold the house for more than what I bought it for and the block of land for what I bought the house for. Now all this sounds great, but being my first one, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Anyway, 3 more subdivisons over 3 years, late 20s, hadn’t put a foot wrong with property, had more equity than some people earn in 10 years, but the problem was that it was easy, as little as I knew back then it was easy. So I decided that I didn’t need to follow a process, I could do this faster without dotting “i”s, crossing “t”s, etc, the next 12 mths saw me make 2 very stupid (but seem so insignificant) decisions which cost me all the money I’d made in the 3 years and a lot more, then in a chain of events I lost my family.

"If you want to make money in property, your first task is to forget about the property and forget about the money."

- Jeremy Allen

All Gain No Pain

when all you can see is red

When I finished licking my wounds, I decided to start a consultancy called “Equity Creators”. I would work with a client to either fix what they had or kick them off in the right direction so nobody ever had to go through what I just had. First 2 clients were just as I’d pictured, then, almost like they’d just dropped the gates at Race 7 Randwick, I received call after call from people who were in some serious trouble with their properties, far worse than my situation had been. Now, the goal was to turn these portfolios around so we could get them operating in the black again. We couldn’t use banks or any traditional methods that are available to us everyday, and with having to maintain discretion from those close to them made things near impossible, I tested the limits of our finance system and property system and worked some really left field solutions to get these guys and girls back on deck. Long to the short of it, over the next 3 years, I became, somewhat of “The guy to go to when you’re in the shit.”…which was what I wanted to help people avoid..some of these situations would make your head spin I swear. I didn’t want this to become a “This is what I’m good at article” but I need to say here that if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s putting square blocks in round holes, it was like all of a sudden, there was no such thing as “Can’t be done” and it was only a matter of asking approximately 7-8 times before the answer was in our favour.

The next few years saw me working with builders, developers, Investors, and a quiver of Excel spreadsheets to show them how much their business was going to wind up a statistic if they didn’t change direction. I wasn’t going to write this in this article as I was told not to by the marketing guys (Dad always told me never let your lawyer or your accountant make the decisions for your company also so here we are) but I had been in sales for 27 years. I’m not saying that to tell you that to impress you, I’m merely saying that to preframe the next sentence. I finally found an efficiency within my own business! The concepts I had learned during my time were VERY different to the way investors wanted to act on. It would literally take someone a note from teh receivers to listen to me and do what I asked them. I remember once having to point out to a father of 3 daughters (who loved them to death) that because of his pride of not wanting to admit that the plan I had put to him wasn’t his idea, it was now 3 years later and the dream of him wanting to put his first 2 daughters through uni, was now up to how many hours they got at Maccas on the weekend. This is just one example of many but, again, I tell you this so that if something is challenging you personally, it may just be the wake up call you need. But I digress, I decided to create a course for efficiency within the business “Yes”, but I also like the ability to be “RAW” about the truth and how it needs to be treated.


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