SME Property Developers and Property Investors are the Engine Room of the Australian economy

Being responsible for generating more than 30% of Australia’s GDP and employing 28% of Australia’s workforce, it’s the Australian economy’s “Slab”.

… we are not part of the finance industry and we are not Real Estate Agents. We are a group of Investors and Developers who believe better relationships can be built and both businesses can enjoy all the flexibility and simplicity in a business model that is built on trust and confidence in the supplier or client. Investor HQ is the hub where those that want certainty of future income from their investments team up with those that want certainty of future income from their developments, build a level of trust with each other that removes fear and insecurity from transactions.

We are problem solvers at our core and if you’re here to hopefully find a solution to a problem you just don’t want to admit, I can guarantee you, one of us has done far worse and know a couple of tricks that can help you.

“IHQ Academy” was created for those that don’t have the experience but want to understand enough to work through a partnership of some kind. Not content with “Teaching how to Fish”…IHQ Academy takes things a step further with running a complete project in partnership with the Cadet so the Cadet understands the realities involved with Development including getting their share of the profits at the end.

Whether you are looking for a solution, need to gain some confidence or just want to ask a stupid question, we got you here…Welcome home.