Property Developers and Property Investors are the Engine Room of the Australian economy

Being responsible for generating more than 30% of Australia’s GDP and employing 28% of Australia’s workforce, it’s the Australian economy’s “Slab”.

We started 18 years ago with the idea of setting investors up correctly so they would have a nice problem free journey to wherever they wanted property to take them…without the financial luxury of being able to choose which client situations we took on and which we didn’t, our 2nd clients would make sure we learnt what being “Resourceful” meant FAST. They had a situation that would sink some countries financially. Having this problem meant that our hands were tied from using everyday solutions…being our only client at the time we didn’t have the option of telling them it couldn’t be done.

To cut a long story short, we developed a new network of entrepreneurial thinkers who taught us quickly how to manage the issue whilst finding a solution, then when the situation was udner control, finding the origin of the problem and creating a system to avoid it next time, every time.

Ever since then, we have been called upon when problems are at their most obvious within an investors or property developers business and we were fortunate enough to learn early that there is no normal route or path to take. Your mind needs to be open to all possibilities be that problems or solutions. None of our solutions were considered by the person or people we helped. There is nothing that shouldn’t be explored as situations always have unorthodox solutions. Mark Twain has a quote that the quicker you understand, the better your projects will be:

“It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

We now have a group of investors and developers that we have taught to help each other. Developers are always wanting the money the banks won’t lend and Investors want to invest their cash but don’t really understand or want to go through the pain of learning those lessons that developers have already become hardened at dealing with. In true IHQ style, we saw both of these issues being the others solution.

We help Developer’s approach Investors for cash that they can use and offer great terms for the investors and vice versa, we help Investors approach Developers to invest their cash with someone who has a track record. There are no brokers or anyone in the middle with an interest in getting a deal done. We make sure that both parties get professional advice from either their own or another legal or finance professional and we make sure that both sides keep up their end of the bargain when it comes time to get serious which when the deal is executed, we are paid a fee.

We don’t have an email list that we promote opportunities to and we don’t advertise to anybody outside of those we know “Can” and “Want to” get involved. We don’t take referral fees, we don’t commercialise the opportunities and we don’t market 3rd parties products or services. There is a strict analysis of the client’s motivations and abilities before we release any Developer’s or Investor’s requests. If you have an attitude where you like “All to win” in a transaction and would like to explore this further, see the concierge at the “Front Desk” to book in a time for a chat and someone from Investor HQ will be in touch.