So how do you fit into this mix?

If you are a Developer and looking for a source of funding that takes care of all the shortfalls of funding LVRs or those major fees that lenders won’t lend on (Stamp Duty, Contractors up front fees, GST, etc) we have investors who understand that this is part of the game and are happy to fund these shortfalls so you can focus on the making sure the project goes according to plan or the next site!

Simply put, you will be borrowing cash or security from one of our investors on terms agreed upon by you and the investor. They are looking for Developers like you that can give them confidence in investing in sites and can help you now and with your future projects.

Step 1:

Get Comfortable

To gain an Investor’s confidence, you will complete a “ROI Report” with all the details regarding your Project including a timeline of events for the project and the terms that you would like to offer the Investor.

Step 2:

Meet the Investor

We show your report to our investors and find one that takes an interest in you and your Project. A virtual meeting is held for them to meet you and get to know who they are dealing with. This is the best way for Investors to gain confiidence in investing their capital with you.

Step 3:

The Legals

The Investor pays a non refundable deposit to you as a token of their commitment to providing you the funds when they are required. With any further terms agreed upon by you and the Investor, the legal documents are created and signed by both of you.


Step 4:

Funds made available

The funds are made available to you at the agreed time.

Step 5:


You update the “ROI Engine” (IHQ’s Reporting System for the Investor) with all the relevant files and completed tasks so the Investor has a real time report of the progress of the project.

Step 6:

Project Complete

The Project is complete and the Investor is taking their ROI that you have offered OR telling you to reivest it in your next Project.

Which is it going to be?