So how do you fit into this mix?

In essence, you lend your money or security to a Property Developer for a small scale Property Project for an agreed upon return. They already have their loans arranged for the majority of the Project, they just require the cash or security for the other bits and pieces most lenders don’t lend on but a Project can’t be successful without like:

  • Deposits for loans
  • Stamp Duty
  • Settlement Fees and Charges
  • Land Development funds
  • Initial contractor fees

As the amounts they require aren’t a large portion of the total development cost and the funds are only needed for months at a time, they offer high interest rates and security to back it.

Step 1:

Get Comfortable

IHQ produces a detailed report for each Project outlining the numbers, the terms and strategy supplied by the developer. Choose a Project and Developer that you are comfortable with on paper and IHQ will discuss the Project with you so you understand the strategy in detail.

Step 2:

Meet the Developer

When you have selected a Project that you like, a video conference is arranged between you, IHQ and the Developer to discuss the process of the Project in more detail. Spend the time before the meeting thinking of the questions you need answered to feel confident.

Step 3:

Legal Advice

Now that the Project makes sense and you are confident with the Developers abilities, it’s time to minimise the risk and create the contracts. You can use your own solicitor or ours, it’s up to you. Either way, once you and the Developer agree on the terms and conditions of the contract, you pay a non-refundable deposit to the builder (Calculated as a % of the total amount – and forms part of the total amount you are to be lending them) and the official paperwork is drawn up.

Step 4:

Signing and Settlement

The completed documents are signed by you and the Developer. Your solicitor will instruct you how and where to the transfer of funds at the appropriate time.

Step 5:


Log in details will be sent to you so you can access the online area dedicated to keep you up to date with what is happening with the Project…IHQ’s “ROI Engine Room.” Follow the progress of your investment in real time from here.

Step 6:

Project Complete

The final task has been completed and you have received your principal and your interest as agreed.

What shall we look at next?