Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Investor HQ (“IHQ”) website (“the Site”), which is owned and operated by Investor HQ Pty Ltd.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

Upon enrolling in a course with IHQ, you (“the Trainee”) are entering into a legal agreement under common law, in which you agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment (including meeting instalment plans), in exchange for the service offered by IHQ during the course enrolment. The terms and conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of the laws of Australia.
These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between IHQ and the Trainee.  It is the Trainee’s responsibility to fully read, understand and agree to all Enrolment Terms & Conditions, Privacy Statement and Fees & Charges upon enrolment.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement on the enrolment form, the Trainee confirms they possess a full understanding of all Terms & Conditions, and willingly accepts all such terms.

Course Duration
Allowable time frames are for the course duration, from the date payment is processed. You will be notified of the duration of each course in the “Main Description” of the course.

Refund and Cancellation Policy
Your completed enrolment form acts as confirmation of acceptance, and commitment to, paying all fees as stated on the enrolment form. Enrolments submitted electronically require a confirmation that the student has read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and the Fees & Charges documentation online in order to submit and process the enrolment form. In checking the appropriate box, the Trainee fully accepts IHQ ‘s Terms and Conditions. 

Trainees are considered to have commenced their course from the date that course login details have been issued by IHQ.

Refunds will not be given under any circumstance.

Deferments and Extensions
Deferments and/or extensions may be granted at the discretion of IHQ. IHQ reserves the right to refuse a deferment or extension request in the event that:
•  Valid reason, with appropriate documentation, is not submitted
• The Student has requested multiple deferments and/or extensions
• The Student is not in good financial standing with IHQ.
If IHQ approves a deferment or extension, recommencement fees may apply.

Transfer to Another Party
In the event the Trainee wishes to transfer their enrolment to a third party, full details must be emailed to brainstrust@investorhq.com.au of the third party. No refunds will be processed. In the event an assignment has already been submitted and returned, a trainee transfer will not be granted

Age Restriction
Enrolments will be accepted for trainees of any age. Those under 18 must have complete details of parent or guardian submitted. 


IHQ maintains strict online security measures. This is to ensure that our business is managed in accordance with worldwide legal developments and to protect against cyber-attack, hacking, and unlawful access of confidential records.

Every attempt is made to ensure all information provided by IHQ is accurate, and that the Trainee has attained all competencies taught within a course, at the time of assessment. 

Graduated students are responsible for their use and maintenance of acquired competencies. IHQ takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable, for any action or claim in connection with, or arising from any such information, instruction or advice, given by any trainee or ex-trainee. IHQ takes no responsibility for and will not be liable for the trainee or ex-trainee’s interpretation and/or misuse of materials.

All information, text, material, graphics, software and advertisements on the Site (“Content”) are protected by Australian and international copyright and trademark laws.

No courses, course materials and study notes are to be republished, sold, loaned or copied, or used in any way outside the pursuit of studying the course by the enrolled trainee without explicit permission granted in writing by the Director of IHQ.